The PeaceCasters Program, a project of the Peace Education Program, empowers young people in middle and high school to share their stories with the world in order to create change through digital and social media.

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The Project

Through their groundbreaking Youth Influencers curriculum, PeaceCasters supports young leaders to be influencers on social media and in their communities by sharing stories from their lived experience, practicing positive communication skills, and building community online and off. Their curriculum is based on three pillars: empowered storytelling, social media for social good, and online conflict resolution.

Key Insights

  • Authentic, empowered, and embodied storytelling among youth communities is a practice that not only opens radical opportunities for systemic change, but provides necessary healing and enrichment for young people who participate in it.
  • Youth programs must be led by youth, with youth taking leadership in the planning, development, implementation, and sustenance of the program at every level.
  • Youth need space in which they can safely and honestly share stories, resolve conflicts, and build towards collective action for change. Productive and powerful leisure time is a necessary resource for youth.
  • Social media and the digital world are spaces in which young people—particularly those with politically marginalized identities—can foster healthy relationships and build power with one another.
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Youth Influencers Curriculum

The Youth Influencers Curriculum contains 24 distinct lesson plans for youth in middle and high school looking to make connections, build power, and create change.

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