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Digital Harbor Foundation is dedicated to fostering learning, creativity, productivity, and community through education. The Critical Tech podcast grew from a need to educate the public about the inequities caused by the digital divide.

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The Project

Over the two-year project period, four cohorts of youth employees (approximately 40 youth total) identified a set of current technology topics such as internet privacy, social media’s influence, racism and sexism in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and life during COVID-19. They produced podcast episodes (estimated to be about 15-30 minutes each) focused on their research, conversations, and conclusions. The planning, facilitation, and evaluation of each cohort occurred in four stages (1) Program Planning and recruitment, (2) Season Production, (3) Season Marketing and Distribution, and (4) Program Evaluation and Iteration.

Key Insights

  • Youth-led conversations allow youth perspectives to be considered during major decisions.
  • Young people feel included when they get the opportunity to discuss topics that matter to them.
  • When given the opportunity, tools, and resources, young people will advocate for themselves and achieve goals.
  • By giving youth control over the content, style, and dissemination of the podcast, Critical Tech fosters Liberatory Imagination, an ethos that envisions technology as a tool to “materialize the kind of world… in which everyone can flourish and realize their potential (Jackson 2019).” Critical Tech will give youth the tools and space to create a future where technology creates opportunities for everyone.
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Digital Harbor Foundation

Student Podcast Curriculum Guide

The Student Podcast Curriculum Guide breaks down the podcasting processes through a series of sample lesson plans to ensure that students have the skills and background knowledge to share their voices.

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Digital Harbor Foundation

Podcast: Digital Divide

Listen to young people from the Beam Center discuss cancel culture - how they've seen and experienced it on social media, the pros and cons of cancelling someone, and how to make the act of cancelling better serve its purpose.

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