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The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence conducts research and teaches people of all ages how to develop their emotional intelligence. inspirED provides the resources for youth to take the lead on making their school a better place.

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The Project

InspirED teams were formed at over 40 schools across the country. Students at each school, with their educator advocate, were trained in the inspirED process: A - assess your school climate; B - brainstorm ideas; C - commit to and complete a project or campaign; D - debrief your impact. Students were encouraged to consider how school climate (relationships, quality instruction, safety) and healthy technology habits intersect and to harness the power of technology in the projects they chose. Students chose projects such as holding digital space for peer mentoring and social support, organizing tech-free days, sending distance learning students hands-on materials to support teacher instruction, motivational posters in the hallways, and much more.

Key Insights

  • Students have phenomenal capacity! Students hold insights into what is working (and not working) at their schools, and when given the opportunity to effect positive change, they step up every time.

  • Educators need social-emotional skills to effectively support students. Work that allows for true student leadership requires adults who can listen without getting defensive, who can be supportive without taking over.

  • It's not how much, it's what you do. It was consistently found that it is not the sheer number of hours a person is using tech that matters, but what they are doing. Are they connecting with friends or doom scrolling? Are they creating content or merely a passive consumer? Like driving a car, technology can be a useful tool or a dangerous weapon. We must do a better job of scaffolding students in learning the skills they need to harness tech for good.
  • The program has significantly broadened access to the School Climate Walkthrough tool after seeing much success with students interpreting their data and having a role in informing the data-driven decisions their school is making.
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Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

inspirED School Climate Playbook

The inspirED School Climate Playbook a one-stop shop for all the resources you need to complete a school climate improvement project at your school. Start a youth advisory council for students to participate in the project and positively influence their school.

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Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

School Climate Walkthrough

The School Climate Walkthrough is a web-based, school climate survey designed by and for middle and high school students.

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Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

InspirED School Climate Project Collection

Thumbnail Summary: inspirED provides assessment, ideation, and reflection resources for youth to take the lead on projects to make their school a better place.

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