In the ever-changing tech landscape, it can be difficult to know what to do and how to help.

These grab-and-go activities are meant to be used by educators or out-of-school time staff ready to get started in supporting young people’s digital well-being.

From our youth

Explore how teens are cultivating a digitally healthy community

We’re all learning how to manage everyday life with unprecedented tech access. The devices and apps we use are both incredible and challenging. How can we use them in ways that amplify the good and keep the hard stuff in check?

Project Zero co-created this guide with teens. It’s for anyone who wants to host a maker-focused project to codesign solutions for teen digital well-being. The 3-activity sequence is great for settings like peer-to-peer mentoring programs, youth groups, and health, media literacy, or digital citizenship classes.

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How We Move From Ideas to Action

From an educator

Jessica Hoffman from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence shares why it matters to have digital spaces in schools.

How might you create and learn with youth?